A First-of-its-kind Micro-school
for Playgroup to Grade 8
Admissions Open for
Playgroup to Grade 8
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The curriculum revolves around
Dr Howard Gardner, Professor of Education
at Harvard University exciting Multiple Intelligences Theory

for your child's early years holistic development.
Multiple Intelligences
Nature Smart
Naturalist Intelligence: Observation and
understanding of the natural world.
Music Smart
Musical Intelligence:
Musical aptitude and appreciation.
People Smart
Interpersonal Intelligence:
Understanding others and
social interactions.
Reasoning Smart
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence:
Logical reasoning and problem-solving.
Body Smart
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence:
Physical coordination and skill.
Picture Smart
Spatial Intelligence:
Visual and spatial perception.
World Smart
Linguistic Intelligence: Verbal
and language skills.
Self Smart
Intrapersonal Intelligence:
Self-awareness and
emotional understanding.
Personalized Attention
Smaller class size ensures focused learning for your child (7-10 learners only).
Diverse Learning Zones
7 exciting choices empower your child's passions: Cooking, Music, Dance, Garden, Cycling, Sports, and Drama.
Convenient Day Boarding
Flexibility with day boarding facility for your busy lifestyle.
Curiosity Unleashed
Our Discovery Den sparks your child's love for exploration and discovery.
Strong Bonding
Parent-child classes for a deeper connection and shared learning experience.
Safety First
Secure and caring environment for your child.
Dreamtime Learning Hub
is a collaborative, outdoor-oriented,
tech-enabled, creation focused,
flexible micro-school
powered by a hyper-personalised
curriculum where learners are grouped
based on ability and interest rather than grade.
Pathbreaking Founder to Education Disruptor

Meet Lina Ashar, a visionary educator dedicated to inspiring children and creating a world of abundance. Lina founded Billabong High and Kangaroo Kids with a learner-centric approach that combines a research-based curriculum with practical application. Her innovative vision has led to partnerships in 17 cities in India, Dubai, and Maldives, making her a proven leader in education with over 30 years of experience.

Foundation Fantasy
(AGE 2 to 6)

We follow a play, activity and inquiry-based Foundation Fantasy program that is comprehensive, flexible and embraces nature and an outdoor-based learning.

Elementary Utopia
(AGE 6 to 11)

The schedule is custom-made for the child to engage in all required subjects across the age groups as well as social emotional and physical wellness in equal measure.

Cosmic Middle Years
(AGE 11 to 16)

Every aspect of our program is specifically designed in accordance with the Individual Learning plans across subjects and ages within this segment.

A First-of-its-kind Microschool
Admissions Open for 2024-25
Foundation Fantasy | Elementary Utopia | Middle Year Cosmos
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